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North Dakota Governor Signs Tough DUI Bill That Prohibits Drinking for Repeat Drunk Drivers

On April 29th North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple signed a new piece of DUI legislation that officials say with substantially strengthen North Dakota’s drunk driving laws. House Bill 1302, which goes into effect August 1st,  increases the fines for DUI convictions, increases jail time for second and subsequent offenses, and requires repeat DUI offenders to […]

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First-Time DUI Interlock Laws Reducing Recidivism

A study published this week by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looks at the long-term impact of first-time DUI offender laws in the state of Washington, which as of 2004 mandated a year of interlock for all first-time offenders. The results are impressive, and are consistent with a trend in first-time interlock research that […]

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