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St. Patrick’s Day Pub Trivia. Your Topic: Drunk Driving

On St. Patrick’s Day, over 122 million Americans will observe the Catholic Saint’s Feast Day by wearing the green or making a traditional Irish meal. Celebrations will often include hoisting a pint of Guiness or a measure of whiskey at a favorite local pub, and perhaps playing a round of Pub Trivia. In honor of […]

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Detroit Morning Radio Talks St. Patty’s Day Drinking

Our own Jason O’Tizedes stopped by Detroit’s #1 morning radio show today to talk about St. Patrick’s Day, DUIs, and how to make a plan BEFORE you celebrate. Check it out!

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St. Patrick’s Day American Style: Why Do We Drink So Much?

St. Patrick’s Day and green beer. While shamrocks, bag pipes, and corned beef all take center stage during the annual celebration of all things Irish, drinking—with a notable nod to green beer—has become the focal point of our Irish celebrations. According National Geographic, 4.2 billion pints worldwide, to be exact. So why do we associate […]

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